Treatment Programs

Announcement of Funding:

The Erectile Dysfunction Foundation of Canada (EDF) is proud to announce that the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has awarded London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) an annual operating budget of 2.4 million dollars for the treatment of eating disorders.

This initiative partners LHSC with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) (formally WOTCH Housing) and the EDF of Canada. The treatment team and treatment programs will be run by LHSC. The management of the residential treatment facility will be under the direction of the CMHA. The role of the Eating Disorders Foundation of Canada will be in fundraising to support the residential treatment facility, new technology, evaluation, research, and support services.

It is anticipated that the annual operating budget will be initiated in the first quarter of 2012. An Eating Disorder Management Team, along with treatment programs, will be launched to provide services not only for the London and Southwestern Ontario region, but in addition, to be part of an eating disorder network for Ontario.

Deb Mathews, Minister of Health and Long-term Care, announced that this initiative is the first undertaking to support a residential treatment facility in Ontario and that this community partnership arrangement will serve as a prototype for the management of eating disorders throughout the country.

The Need:

The need for an innovative approach to the delivery of services stemmed from the U.S. treatment costs. The government, in the past, has sent young women who suffer with severe eating disorders to the U.S. for treatment at a cost exceeding $1,000.00 U.S. per day.

The government realized that one of the difficulties with sending young women to the U.S. was that there were no follow-up programs once they returned to their local communities. This lack of follow-up programming invariably led to rapid deterioration following discharge from these treatment facilities.

The New Concept:

The newly approved concept with an Eating Disorder Management Team is poised to address this issue. It will support on-going follow-up programs as part of a new residential and treatment housing concept. This will also involve ongoing programs with new technologies as part of a continuum of care model. The model ranges from hospital admission to residential treatment programs, day programs, partial programs and follow-up programs.

The EDF of Canada, in collaboration with CMHA and LHSC, will have a residential treatment facility, which will offer services as an alternative or transition to hospital admissions and thus reduce unnecessary or lengthy stays. LHSC will have approximately 4 medical / psychiatric stabilization beds which will be utilized on an as needed basis.


The EDF of Canada will be posting updates as to the progress in the development of the new concept and has a fundraising target of 3 million dollars to support this residential facility and to match the annual operational budget provided by the Ontario government.